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Numix-utouch Unity Borders by krTsukasa Numix-utouch Unity Borders by krTsukasa
The most recent versions of the Numix GTK theme (named Numix Daily at this time) has removed the borders from the Unity Launcher creating a very sleek and minimalist look.  The only problem with this however is that you lose any interaction animations that Unity normally provides.  For example, when you click to launch an application, there's no flashing animation to indicate that you *actually* clicked on it or not until it opens.

This bothered me to no end.

So, I took some time today and edited the default Unity borders to fit the shape of the Numix-utouch icon set (since it's the one I'm currently using).  The result is the return of these animations, a small outline from Unity's background glow (on open applications), and some very slight shadows around the icons, giving them a raised look.

This is just some quick amateur quality work, but I figured if it bugs me so much maybe I should share it in case it bugs anyone else.

This archive only contains the modified .svg files.  Download Numix from:


Extract the folder into your ~/.themes.  You may need to rename it from "Numix Daily" to just "Numix" if/when this new style becomes the default.

If you've installed Numix from your package manager, this folder will be used as an override on the system theme.

If you've installed Numix as a folder in your ~/.themes already, be aware that you'll be overwriting it's files by extracting this there.
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June 23, 2014
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